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Christopher and his brother Gavin were 9 and 10. Though they were only one year apart, Gavin was a true big brother. Gavin always looked out for Christopher; he made sure Christopher knew where to sit in the lunch room and ensured Christopher was always among the first few picked for kickball at recess! One day Gavin wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school. His mother took him to the doctor and over the course of the next few weeks, and many doctor’s visits, it was discovered that Gavin had cancer.

A few weeks later, the boys' mother asked if they would like to take part in a walk to raise money to help other children like Gavin. The boys were excited and right away started coming up with ways to raise money. Christopher began collecting loose change from friends and family. He emptied the coins into his sock and knotted it at the top so the money would be safe. Christopher continued raising money for the rest of the year and, in the end, he raised over $2000! Christopher continues to Sock It to Cancer, with his entire school behind him, and he believes that is something everyone can do. Read more...

So now it's your turn! Can your school or organization help fight for kids like Gavin? It's as simple as a tube sock. Join CureSearch Kids and begin Socking it to Cancer today!